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The House of JD is an online Jewellery store in South Africa with an amazing collection of jewellery. As a proudly South African jewellery brand, we showcase the most exquisite and quality jewellery pieces for women. We believe that every women has the desire to feel and look beautiful in her jewellery. That is reason as to why we take much pleasure in presenting you with our finest jewellery and accessory collection online.

It puts a smile on our face to see you smile and looking gorgeous in our fashionable jewellery collection. Our fashion jewellery pieces consists of a range of quality jewellery in Sterling Silver Jewellery, Swarovski Jewellery, Pearl Jewellery and everyday high trend Costume jewellery. What every women needs is that finishing touch along with the perfect jewellery piece to compliment her look. There’s nothing better than a beautiful piece of accessory that always stands out to make a remarkably bold statement.

Move with the times and stay updated with our latest fashionable Jewellery Store trends. Our Jewellery online South Africa store offers you a beautiful range of the latest fashionable jewellery trends. One of the latest trend from our Jewellery Store accessory collection are our layered necklaces. Which is one of our fastest sellers from our accessory collection . Style it on the most simple sweater and the layered necklace is the most fashionable, elegant and eye catching fashion accessory. Our Jewellery Store stocks the layered Eye Necklace, Cross layered necklace, Moon Crescent layered necklace and Star layered necklace. What every girl needs from her jewellery wardrobe collection is her favorite bling thing to indulge herself. Bling jewellery always gives off that elegant, fashionable and extravagant look that will never be outdated.

Exclusive to The House Of JD Jewellery Store online – is our high quality Sterling Silver Jewellery Online collection. A good piece of Sterling silver necklace always creates that elegant feel around the neck for that special occasion. Our sterling silver necklaces comes with a touch of soft delicate beauty adding a beautiful sparkle to our Jewellery Store collection. Sterling silver jewellery are always known for its quality, class, original rich beauty and shimmer in fashionable accessories. Add more to your favourite wardrobe collection and look fashionable in our Jewellery Store trend. Our Sterling Silver bracelet and Sterling Silver earring collection gives off the most perfect finish, along with a soft touch of simplicity.

Exclusive to The House Of JD Jewellery Store online is our Crystal From Swarovski Jewellery collection. When it’s your time to shine brilliantly and experience that magical moment. Brighten your world with our Crystal from Swarovski Jewellery Store collection and add a liitle sparkle to your wardrobe. The sparkling Swarovski stone is one of our favourite dazzling and stunning Jewellery Store online collection. Our Swarovski Jewellery Store online collection range consists of Swarovski necklaces , Swarovski bracelets Swarovski Earrings.

Hello Pearl lovers…
The House Of JD Jewellery Store offers you a stunning collection in Pearl jewellery online. Our Jewellery Store has one of the most stunning and unique range in design of pearl accessories. From the heart of the ocean, beautifully harvested and handpicked by Freshwater Pearl farmers. The beauty in each Freshwater pearl signifies an incredible story. From a tiny grain of sand, transformed into a beautiful pearl. 

Freshwater Pearl jewellery signifies the miraculous human journey of life. Freshwater Pearls is more than just a meaningful story but adds a stylish, classic touch of beauty and elegance to your jewellery collection. If you’re looking for that special piece, always remember the preciousness behind the story of Fresh water Pearls. Our Jewellery Store online collection in our Freshwater Pearl range consists of Freshwater Pearl necklaces with Sterling Silver, Freshwater Pearl bracelets with Sterling Silver and Freshwater Pearl Earrings with Sterling Silver.

Spoil yourself from The House Of JD  costume Jewellery Store range and indulge yourself with the most glamorous look. From our Jewellery Store to your wardrobe. Our everyday costume Jewellery Store collection offers you the worlds latest high trend fashion jewellery in style. Our Costume Jewellery collection is affordable and will suit your budget anytime. Costume jewellery is worn to please your look for almost any occasion. Fashionable Costume jewellery can be dressed as elegant or smart casual to suit your kinda style.


Are you looking for that perfect jewellery gift online? The House Of JD Jewellery Store will love to Celebrate that special occasion with you. From Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentines Day or Mothers Day gifts. Exclusively wrapped from The House Of JD. Our Jewellery Store offers you an exclusive and quality Jewellery Collection online. If you want to give a special gift of love that will last forever, you can count on us. Since we are an exclusive Jewellery Store. Our Jewellery collection is of superior quality. Most importantly we will suit your pocket with affordability.



The quality of our jewellery for price is unmatched, we pay special attention to the details and take great care of what we deliver to you.


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